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About S&M



The birth of S&M unfolded back in 2016, where our brand was solely brought into reality by a young perfume enthusiast.

S&M has been striving to meet market needs ever since the launch of this label. We started with a wide range of products that were quickly featured in offline retail stores. The brand has now further evolved as it ventures into online platforms. It is our utmost pleasure to deliver excellence through our elegant products as well as service.

Our motto is quality is never to be compromised. By this, we mean that only the best of ingredients with the right formulation goes into each bottle as we strongly abide by international standards. As far as prices are concerned, we have worked hard in maintaining a strong grip on pricing to ensure that our products are highly affordable, in order to be able to cater to a vast population in Indonesia. As a result, S&M has evolved into an iconic all time favourite.

In creating this brand we greatly prioritised customer satisfaction which is why a lot of effort and dedication has been inserted into every piece causing us to often successfully raise the bar. To summarise our purpose, we are known for specialising in miniature size perfumes with unique bottling and exquisite fragrances that are suitable for both genders. BPOM certified products, ready stock, speedy nationwide delivery, price guarantee, and customer service - we certainly have them all.

We sincerely thank our loyal customers for trusting us wholeheartedly and for all the continuous love. We are eternally grateful. Stay tuned for more surprises and special offers!

About S&M
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