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  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000002_thumbnail_IMG_1319.jpg

    Love - Eau De Parfum

    LOVE: Feel the Love and Freshness of a raspberry aroma and white flowers that turns to an elegant excitement. LOVE Eau De Parfum also contains a hint of blackcurrant fragrance for a free-spirited and spontaneous woman.

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000004_F1FC0938-E176-4A38-8DE4-5267E8424935.jpeg

    Coco - Eau De Parfum

    A smell for all chocolate lovers! Coco blends with some oriental notes to symbolize a classically elegant  person.

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000005_7F4A3970-E5C5-4713-A8D7-AD3D3B5A5808.jpeg

    Extreme - Eau De Parfum

    EXTREME Eau De Parfum  touches a smooth Musk fragrance and freshness of Amberwood aligned to improve the confidence in daily activities

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000007_CE4B394C-E555-47BB-A793-A5E261427A4B.jpeg

    Adore - Eau De Parfum

    The Adore fragrance is a symbol of absolute, sophisticated and glamorous femininity. adore gathers the most noble raw materials in a unique, generous and harmonious floral bouquet.

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000008_65D183AB-574A-4D1F-A53B-DD9193E1BEFC.jpeg

    Beautiful - Eau De Parfum

    BEAUTIFUL Eau De Parfum is made up of a Rose fragrance that creates a beautiful charm in a woman and has an aroma of gentleness that is able to turn the aura of charming woman. Definitely for a beautiful lady!

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000009_A7E1E4FE-97E8-4BFA-9733-BEC8D641764D.jpeg

    Blossom - Eau De Parfum

    BLOSSOM Eau De Parfum embraces a Floral fragrance with a touch of soft Lily of the Valley that’s able to attract attention to most.

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000010_5AEC056C-64CA-4F09-8DEA-8433AB892189.jpeg

    Fame - Eau De Parfum

    Achieve FAME Eau De Parfum today.

    The aroma of fresh green notes are able to captivate your senses and frame a special time in your day, FAME Eau De Parfum consists of a powerful Blossom scent.

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000011_A6434703-F859-4A66-8C10-0288B1AC155F.jpeg

    Fierce - Eau De Parfum

    Fierce is a radically fresh composition that is raw and noble all at once. Natural ingredients prevail as radiant top notes burst with the juicy freshness of Reggio di Calabria bergamot. Ambroxan, derived from precious ambergris, unleashes a powerfully woody trail. 

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000012_CBDA3A4B-4B3F-4A9D-9CB5-08D38C91BF11.jpeg

    Glow - Eau De Parfume

    GLOW: Radiate beauty with GLOW Eau De Parfum a Floral – fruity fragrance to express happiness and transforming  you into a radiant woman.

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000013_homme.jpg

    Homme Sport - Eau De Parfume

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000014_hotpink.jpg

    Hot Pink - Eau De Parfume

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000015_1967BC5A-C01C-4479-804C-03DFD3EBB190.jpeg

    Intense - Eau De Parfume

    Perfect for the bold, spirited and confident, Intense opens with tantalising top notes of blackcurrant and Italian bergamot, blended with Calville Blanc apples and sparkling pineapple.

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000016_men.jpg

    Gentlemen - Eau De Parfume

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000017_44C651F1-7902-4D2E-A28A-7C24CE27F4BD.jpeg

    Paris - Eau De Parfume

    PARIS: Explore yourself as far as you can through Paris Eau De Perfume ,with a Sandalwood fresh fragrance to inspire your positive spirit and warmth of  a jasmine aroma - Vanilla that steadily charms your freedom .

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000019_sky.jpg

    Sky Blue- Eau De Parfume

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000020_vip.jpg

    Vip - Eau De Parfume

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000021_CA7EAEAA-3E2D-4AC6-BC47-3D05421E9119.jpeg

    Wild - Eau De Parfume

    WILD Eau De Parfum Strengthens a Jasmine fragrance - Rose and soft  Vanilla aroma are found deep inside. Wild expands perception and is full of energy.

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000022_7AF478F2-87B6-4317-B27E-7CE4A8C597EB.jpeg

    Moments - Eau De Parfume

    MOMENTS: Activates confidence when your loveliest moment with MOMENTS Eau De Parfum reminds you of the power through the aroma of fresh Grapefruits and Lights up your day with the scent of jasmine and musk.

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000024_ECAAC86E-6929-491F-A4B5-CF6B0DF74FBE.jpeg


    Angel is the pure expression of a flower. Its top notes smell of the breath of a barely opened rose. This flower's true nature, its dewy softness, is set against the sparkling and crystalline notes of mandarin.

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000025_D39FAC3D-3672-4809-A43C-12F40FCA4E3A.jpeg


    BLUE Eau De Parfum mixes an amberwood scent with fresh green leaf notes to energize your day with confidence. This perfume gives an aura of understanding and attractiveness.

  • images/image_thumb300/SKU-000026_16AC373B-6141-43E3-A4F7-F3F8CFCEE549.jpeg


    A Modern, Feminine and Sophisticated Fragrance for Women

    Chic, voluptuous and soft, Premiere eau de parfum lingers on the skin and enchants the senses with a rose scent. The distinguished and elegant olfactory result of this women's fragrance plays on emotion, true to the Giorgio Armani couture spirit.



Amazing collection! I suppose my two favorites are "Blue" and "Gentleman" because of its masculine scents. But overall, I love S&M perfumes. Thank you
- Akash -


Parfum yang sangat berkelas dan wangi nya tahan lama, tidak rugi membeli produk ini!
- Heru -


Extra ordinary travel size perfumes! My order arrived very quickly right after I placed them. I will surely be back for more!
- Keynaby -


Parfum murah tapi bukan murahan, harga nya benar - benar terjangkau dan botol nya unik banget! Sukses selalu untuk S&M.
- Rudi -


Excellent service, all the fragrances smell so fantastic that I find it difficult to select which one to buy in a larger quantity. My best wishes always
- Devina -


My daily perfume is the S&M "Wild", according to me it smells like sweet vanilla mixed with soft flowery notes with a touch of musk making it smell super good on me. The bottle combined with the perfume colors looks very pretty, I just can't get enough of these!
- Sumi -


Packaging nya luar biasa! Pengiriman nya benar - benar cepat, aroma yang indah terutama "Love". Parfum nya juga sangat cocok untuk di kasih sebagai goody bags.
- Tanti -

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